Vehicle Concept Artist: Atomhawk

Atomhawk is a concept art company that make all different pieces of concept for various movies and video games. This obviously includes vehicles. Lots of different art styles can be seen on the various pieces of concept art, however, the main theme is fantasy. ASll the vehicles resemble something abnormal.

One piece on their website shows a concept of a racing cart which, due to the art style, seems to be relating to a younger audience. The concept shows a crudely put together vehicle using things found around the house and wood. This is purposely done to show that this cart has been created by a child because of their imagination in adapting real-world items into this vehicle. What I like about this concept is that multiple versions of the cart can be seen which add more choice to what the final game vehicle will look like. It also shows that these could be possible upgrades to the vehicle within the game. The basic wooden cart is what the player would start off with and they would eventually work their way up to the refined metal cart.

A lot of inspiration can be taken from this piece of concept art, especially with the style that the artist has used. The style immediately shows the target audience and this is probably the closest to my art style that II have seen in other peoples work. I also love the fact the multiple final versions have been shown which is something that I could definitely take on board. Looking at this work and the work from the previous artists there are certain themes and techniques which I have picked up on. Since the aim of these vehicles is too look sci-fi, the artist has used lots of curved lines to show smooth, simple shapes which look like they would just glide through the wind.



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