Vehicle Concept Artist: Todd Marshall

Todd Marshall is actually a character designer but has created multiple different pieces for vehicle design. The pieces are of realistic vehicles that have been beaten up over time and crudely put back together.

Todd has created a piece of concept art of a motorbike that appears to be realistic. In terms of his style, it is very similar to Michaels where t is clear that Todd has thought about where each component of the bike needs to go. However to make this vehicle feel more life like Todd has given this vehicle age. What I mean by this is that he has added rust to different parts of the bodywork to show that this vehicle has been used a large amount and has been through all different types of terrain. This is also evidenced by the fact that it has been designed to appear as if it has been crudely put back together. For example, the seat appears to be strapped on using duct tape and some cloth suggesting that this has been used a lot or gained damage from a crash.

From his artwork, I can take lots of inspiration on ways in which I can add age to my model t show that it isn’t new and to make it look weathered and endured. I also like the fact that Todd has shown the vehicle in its proper shape but done so by crudely putting the pieces of the bike back together, adding more detail to the vehicle. This is something I will certainly consider when designing so that my vehicle does not look fresh of the page



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