Vehicle Concept Artist: Michael Tschernjajew

Michael is a freelance vehicle concept artist that has worked on concepts from all different games and movies. He mainly creates modern realistic vehicles that would be seen in day to day life.

In the pieces of Michaels work below it is clear to see that the theme that he goes with posts apocalyptic. This can be seen by the clear modifications that the cars have, making it seem like the player within the game has purposely added these parts to gain extra protection in the environment. He makes sure that the vehicle he is creating fits in with the environment, this is shown by the backdrop of the environment being shown in the final concept so that the final design of the vehicle fit with the theme of the game and does not look out of place. He also thinks about the practicality and function of the vehicle. What I mean by this is that he thinks about what pieces need to be where so that the vehicle can move, for example, if the engine is visible, how this is connected and powers the vehicle.

Another piece of concept art from Michael goes with the same theme but more fantasy, showing a vehicle that yu wouldn’t see in real life. The design of this vehicle shows a lot of different attributes to the previous piece. For example, this vehicle appears as if it has been properly manufactured as it has an elegant yet strong design, very similar to that of a tank. The engine of this vehicle is also exposed, however, it is not the typical engine that would commonly be seen in real life cars. IT look as if Michael has looked at other forms of transportation and the ways in which they are able to move around and adapted that into his design. This is because the engine that drives this car appears to be a jet engine. The huge scale of this vehicle and the tough yet sleek shape shows the purpose that it serves, being an all-terrain war vehicle.

From this research, there is a lot of tips and techniques that I can take on board when beginning to design my vehicle. This includes the function of the vehicle, by which I mean that the purpose of it is clearly shown at first glance. IT also has shown me that I need to think about each piece of my design to make sure that it all fits together and that there is actually a reason for a part of the design being where it is. This research has helped me a lot and will certainly benefit me in my design phase.

Michaels Work can be found on his website



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