Personalisation, also considered as a game mechanic, is where the player is able to customize the appearance or clothes of the characters that they are playing as or of a group of characters. The reason that games include this is because it allows player t relate themselves to the game and immerse themselves further. The players often make the character’s appearance similar to their real life version so its like they are actually in the game

One of the first examples of a game that does this very well is Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. When the player first loads up the online side of GTA 5 they are asked to create a character. This includes changing the shape of their face, hair, and the clothes that they were. They can then at any point, spend money to buy different clothes or tattoos.

Another game that uses is Sims. This game relies on this for the game to work as it is basically a life simulator. The player designs all different types of characters and families. They then have to look after these characters within a household and progress them through their life. This includes getting an education and acquiring their dream job.




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