Creativity & Creating a Personal Micro Culture

In many video game, work places a role is allocated to an employee known as an Art Director. This role has the responsibilities of different roles depending on the company they work at. At a large company such as Rockstar, the role of this will mainly be to oversee the entire of the art department and all of the work that is being created. Then they have the final say on whether this is good or needs to be redone. In smaller games companies the role of an Art Director means that they have multiple roles in the company. For example, they will create the concept art as well as the actual 3D models. The reason this role has multiple responsibilities within a smaller company is because it benefits the company to have an employee that ca complete two roles by themselves instead of paying an extra person to complete just one role.

The point of this research is to show that I should expand my skillset within my desired industry as wide as possible. Therefore I will meet the requirements for more job opportunities. At my current stage I feel like I am already widening my skill set by improving my drawing, creating concept art as part of my design process, and finally by creating 3D Models.


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