Game Models

‘Game Models’ is a term that that refers to Free to play. Pay to win, and Pay to play. These are all different and can be easily recognized in MMORPGS. Free to play is fairly straightforward and means that a person can play this game without having to buy it or spend money in a game. These are most common as Applications on mobile phones and a good example of this is Pokemon GO. Anyone can play this game as long as their phone supports it, without having to pay any money. Pay to play means that people are physically unable to play the game unless they spend money to purchase the game.  A good example of this is World of Warcraft. This is a subscription based game where the player must pay a small sum monthly in order to play the base game. The final category is Pay to win. This often gets mixed up with Pay to play and is actually quite a bit different. What this means is that the player can spend real money in a game, also known as micro-transactions, so that they can easily progress further. Lots of games do this, a popular one being Grand Theft Auto 5. In this game ‘Shark Cards’ can be bought which give the player a certain amount of money in the game. The reason this is paid to win is because instead of putting in the hours and earning this money, the player has used real money to skip the process. This is also done in Star Wars the Old Republic via the subscription service. This game is free to play however by signing up to become a member they get bonuses which allow them to progress quicker into the story. The free to play player can still reach the same end goal but it will take them a lot longer.


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