Text Seminar Reflection

After reading this text seminar I was interested in the part saying that video games where very similar to tourism as it offers new experiences. Reflecting on this I feel like I agree as video games allow the player to see sights from different places all over the world from the comfort of their house without having the nightmare of travelling. Just by the touch of a button a player can be playing a game set in America to another set in Australia. It not only gives the experience of travelling to another country but it allows people that do not have the privilege of travelling to gain these experiences. Virtual Reality is another factor that will make video games even more similar to tourism as the player will be able to see the environment around them through their own eyes and move around this environment.

I also disagree with this statement as Tourism allows people from other countries to go and see parts of the world in person. However video games mainly use countries just as a setting in the background, which is covered by gameplay and story. This means that a lot of the experience of being in another country is lost as the focus is on the characters and not the environment. Another reason I disagree is because the games are virtual, just like Mchulan says in this piece of text, therefore even if the player gets to see another country, it will not be real, they are just pixels on a screen.




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