Introduction to Games Design: Summary Post

Board Game

We started off this Module by creating a board game within the group. We each designed a character with attributes and then set out designing the board.

Character Design

Board Game Development


Infographic and Gamification

Each member of the group was given a topic which we had to research and create an infographic for. My topic was peripherals. Therefore I decided to research about the main peripherals used and how gaming has affected them. I then wrote a summary of all of these within the infographic. I also researched the term ‘Gamification’  which is to take a piece of technology and adapt for the use of video games.





Infographic Research


Final Infographic

Game Mechanics and Adaptation

All games are made of mechanics as they build up the core elements which allows a game to be played. For this task I researched different mechanics and what effect they have in a video game. As well as this I explained how I would use these mechanics in my own game. After this, we were then given the task of creating a board game using pieces from existing games and only the mechanics that they include.


Game Mechanics



This was research that I did into what personalisation is and the effect it has on a video game



Main Brief: Group Game

For the main brief of this module, we worked in a group to create a game for a certain age group. We came up with multiple different ideas, each made for a different age group. We then pitched the idea to the other groups and they decided which game idea we would be working on.

Idea Generation

Sci-Fi Research

The World Creator Game

Prison Research



2D Side Scroller

Prison Layout

User Interface

A lot of games have a HUD (heads up display) which allows the player to see different statistics within the game and check their progress. We wanted to have a HUD within our game so that they objective was simple and so that the player knew where they were going, as well as how long they had left in the prison. We created multiple different designs for this.

Heads Up Display

Game Audience and Age Rating

The target audience is a very important thing for our game as it determines what the style will be and what the game will include. Our game is in the 35+ category meaning it has little restrictions on violence. However, since this is a much older audience it also means there need to be more ways of keeping the player playing.

Age Rating

Prop Design

IN the group we all were assigned tasks about which part we would be working on. My role within the group was to design the props that would be intractable within the game. This could either be for immersion or for part of a quest. I started by making a To-Do list and then working down the list, slowly designing the props for one of the prison wings.

To-Do List

Prop Sketches

Starting Concepts

Developed props


Grey Blocking

To make it easier for us with the design of the level we did a process called gray blocking. This allowed us to map out the area of the design, quickly and efficiently.

Grey Blocking




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