Game Adaptation: Final Concept

To make this final concept I began by going into SketchUp and used the 3D warehouse to create a scene containing a pier and several rocks. I then took a screenshot which I could then use in photoshop. The reason that I did this is because it would easily give me the correct perspective and give me the basic shape for my concept. I used my regular tool in photoshop to create the concept which is the burn and dodge so that I could achieve shadows and texture for the water and wood. Since I wanted my character to be in the poster I thought it would make more sense to use the image from the character sheet rather than spend time redrawing the same character. So that the character didn’t look out of place I used the ‘bevel and emboss’ effect and adding a shadow and highlight to the character so that it appeared as if the sun was lighting half of them up.

Choosing a font for the title was hard since all the fantasy fonts that I found were either very similar or ridiculous. The three that I selected were all fairly simple but each of them had a unique quality. I Tested each font against the concept, repositioning the words and seeing if it fitted or not. I finally came to a decision on which font to use and found that the title fit perfectly within the sun.

Since the concept so far only contained the character and the environment I also wanted to show a prop or vehicle that I had created. I decided to include the airship as this would should the theme of the game, that being fantasy.

Reflecting on the final concept I feel like it captures the setting of my game as well as giving subtle hints to what the game may be about and what it involves. Not a lot of detail is included within the concept which could be a downside, however, I prefer this as the detail that it does have causes the viewer to look upon it and gain questions about what significance these parts have.




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