Final Concept: Idea and Title

We all of the art and game lore that I have created it is now time to create a final piece of concept art that will act as the poster for this game. My Idea for this is to show the rocks which I previously showed on the world map. These will be on the right side of the screen so that it applies to the rule of thirds. On the left will be a pier with the main character of the game looking out into the sea. Some of this will be created using pieces of concepts that I have already made. However, alot of this will be new.

Since this will act as the game poster it should show the title of the game on it which causes a problem since There isn’t one. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what the title could be. By doing research into previous games I noticed that the major triple A games go for short stories that give an insight into the game without giving away the entire plot. A good example of a game that does this is Halo. Since my game is about a character exploring the world in search of this ancient city there are a couple of initial ideas that come to mind. These are ‘The Explorer’, ‘The Journey’, and finally ‘Atlantis’. These titles are all simple however I feel like if the game was to be called Atlantis then there is no mystery to solve as the player knows the name of the city and can work the rest out from there. ‘ The Explorer’ suggests details about what the attributes of the character will be which I think contradict what the characters design is as the idea is that his background and personality is unknown. This leaves me with ‘The Journey’ which implies that this is an open world exploring game, yet doesn’t give away where the character is going and why.

The font that I will use has to scream out that this is a fantasy medieval game meaning that the font must be fancy and elegant.






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