Game Adaptation: World Map

With both of the maps for the main cities in the game created I now wanted to create a world map. This would not be used by the player to find their way around but more for the emersion of the game and as an indicator of how large the world is.

When drawing the map I gave the shape no thought and started off by drawing squiggles that looked unique and like islands. I then went over these squiggles making them more defined and ‘island like’. I needed to find a place on the map where Atlantis would be located. I used the largest spot of open water and signified that this would be where Atlantis it by having a cluster of rocks. I then added city names among all the islands as well as ‘mysterious rocks’ where Atlantis would be.

Similar to how I came up with Heron I used the Fantasy City name generator to get my desired city names. I made sure that some of the names appeared more elegant and upper class as these would be used for the capitals of each island. For the positioning of the city, I made sure that cities such as Velcro and Heron were next to the coast as these cities would have docks.

In reflection, to this map, i feel like it is extremely unique and would not be mistaken for any other fictional maps that have been created. I also feel like I found a good technique for creating this map, giving it very little thought and just letting the pencil go where it wanted to.



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