Game Adaptation: Heicron Map

After finishing the map for the Atlantis city I also wanted to create a map for the beginning city of my game, however, I didn’t have a name for this city. All I knew was that wanted the name to sound fantasy and that it was obvious that this wasn’t a real place. What I decided to do for this was to use a Fantasy City Name Generator. This way I would have a unique name for my city that even I didn’t come up with.

Next, I drew out the plan for the city. I did this sort of randomly, adding paths in any direction, however, a couple of things I knew where I wanted to put them. the first being the dock. The city must have a dock as there has to be a way for the character to venture out to the sea in the first place to find Atlantis. Next, I also knew that I wanted a large tavern in the map as this was a piece of concept art that I created and would be the starting place of the game. I had an image in my head of a long path leading from the tavern to the dock so that some of the city would be explored before moving on. The rest of the city I created randomly while still making sure that it looked normal and like a typical city layout.

The layout of this city turned out to be widespread and natural, looking like all of the paths and bridges belong where they do. This map benefits me massively in visualizing what the city would look like and it will also help me when creating future concept art




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