The Follower Short Film: Planning

Before beginning to film I decided that it would be a good idea to plan what scenes I wanted to have, what shots these would include and finally a storyboard that would help me visualize the movie and save time when it comes to filming.

Scene list:

1. introduction scene, shows the character walking down the street with a man sat on the bench.

2. introduces the stranger in background shots while the character has a conversation with a friend.

3. The character feels like they are being followed, finds a poster about a serial killer, causing them to rush off home. Hinting that the serial killer is the stranger.

4. Characters research on the computer about the serial killer.

5. Skips to a few days later, character proceeds in everyday life when the stranger reappears and gives the impression that he has killed the character.

6. The final scene shows the first street with the man on the bench. This reveals that the man is the stranger, showing him picking his target.

Shot list:
Scene 1- Establishing shot, Long shot, Mid shot
Scene 2- Mid shot of characters, over the shoulder, mid shot.
Scene 3- Point of view shot, close up.
Scene 4- mid shot, over the shoulder
Scene 5- mid shot
Scene 6- Long shot, Mid shot.

 With these lists, I then began to create a storyboard. Since I had the shot list I didn’t need to show every shot that I wanted to use therefore I decided just to show the most important shots of each scene.


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