The Follower Short Film: Editing and Final Video

The Actors within this video are personal friends of mine who were willing to be filmed to help me with this project.

After filming all of the required shots I began to edit my film using Adobe Premiere pro. I started off by simply placing the shots in the correct order and cutting them so that the video ran smoothly.

After this, I removed the audio since the microphone quality was poor and would have made the final video less professional. I added sound effects which, some I created, and some I found on royalty free sites. Some of these sounds included a keyboard sound, a twig snapping, and a heartbeat. Once this was complete I then added music to the video so that It wasn’t silent throughout. In the outside scenes I had forest and park background noise, and when something creepy was going to happen I added the creepy music.

Using the heartbeat sound I added a crop effect to scene 3 and 5 so that I could make the follower appear and disappear on every beat. This was easy to do as I filmed the desired shots twice, once with the actor in the shot, once without. This then meant the crop around the actor did affect the background and didn’t look like an obvious edit.

I also wanted to include a credit scene for the video however I wanted to have an image in the background rather than the typical black screen. Using the same knife from scene 5 I added a variety of ketchup to give the illusion of blood and took a picture on a surface. I then created the text in photoshop and edited in so that it faded in and out at the end of the video.

I felt like I used a range of shots within my film however there are a couple of shots which I realize i could now use after looking at the finished version. I feel like a low shot showing the persons legs as they walk along would be a useful shot to use and add to the tension of the video.

The final video was rendered in 1080p 25fps and then uploaded to Youtube.




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