Finished Animatic

With the storyboard complete and all the components drawn I was able to start creating the final animatic. I removed the backgrounds from all of the components in photoshop so that the images could be layered on top of each other without white boxes covering them up. In after effects I used the position, rotation, and scale tools so that I could add movement to my images and make the animatic appear 3D. For example, as the birds flew around the back of the island I scaled them down so that they appeared further away.

After all of the components were animated I needed to add the finishing touches mentioned within the text. This being about the poisonous smog and smoke. I used the particle playground effect to create something which looked very simply to smoke. I made it originate from the smoke stacks and also had it across the sky from the start so that it appears as if it is always there.

I feel like doing something like this has really helped me visual the potential of my creations and also allows me to see a simple version of what the final animation will look like. To improve on this further I may add color to the components to improve it further visually.



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