Environment Storyboard: Creatures

Looking at the piece of text I began to pick out all of the creatures that were mentioned. A couple of different birds and bugs are mentioned however, I felt like it was only necessary to create one of the birds and the bugs are so small that they would only be visible as black dots. The bird I decided to create was the jackdaw. I based it off of a drawing on google as I was unsure on how the jackdaw looked. I created two variants of it in case I wanted the bird to be stood or flying.

The another creature that I created was  an animal that doesn’t exist so I had to come up with a design for it. The first thing that I did was look up ‘Aspisi’ and found a dragon-like a creature. The gave me the idea to use a similar head shape but combine it with a typical bird to create a new creature. I created multiple different variants which give me more options to use in the final animatic.


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