Modelling A Shield

To carry on improving my 3D skills we had the task of modeling a shield of our choice from a selection of concept art. I chose to create the square war door shield. When creating it I used a cylinder to create the correct shape and then used the scale tool for the pyramid center. To make sure that the center was a quad and not a ‘Tri’ I left a very small square at the top so that each side was a quad. After this, I then used an FFD (box) modifier on the corner cubes so that I could add curves that came to a point in the middle. This took some practice to get right and so that it didn’t look odd. I finally used the symmetry tool to duplicate the side that I had already created so that they were both the same.

I feel like I have improved more with my 3D skills but I still need more practice. The symmetry tool didn’t work the best as I didn’t properly align it in the middle,. This meant that when the tool was used it was slightly bent. This was a very small mistake that could hardly be noticed however I will try to correct this mistake with my next attempt.




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