Environment Storyboard

With the piece of text that we had been given that describes a city and the atmosphere of this city, our task was to use it to create a storyboard that could be used for creating an animatic, which essentially is an early animated visualization. I started this by looking through the text and picking up the features which described the city itself. Once done I then started to create a design using my own ideas, but making sure that I included these elements. For example, the very first line of the text says ‘A city unconvinced by gravity’, which gave me the idea to have the city be on an island which is floating in the sky. I also included things such as a Skyrail, aerostats(blimps) and smoke towers.

Once my city was finished I then decided to create another view of the city, this time more up close looking specifically at the smoke towers and factories of the city. I didn’t want to add any detail sine these drawings are only to help me gain visuals for creating a storyboard. However, in the future, I may come back to these designs and add some colour to them in photoshop.

Looking back at these drawings I can already see how far my drawing skills have improved and this is without adding any detail. Hopefully, I can continue on this path and improve further.

My next step will now be to create the creatures that are frequently mentioned in the text. I will most likely do this by combining the paradolia technique with the description that is given to me already within the text.




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