Character Design: Explorer Concept 2

After I finished the first design I wanted to create an alternate design inspired even more by the character from Thief. Since I want my character to be mysterious and little is known about him at the beginning of the game it would make seen that a lot of him is covered. Therefore he had a hood, alternate designs showing the hood down, and a bandanna to cover his face.

I wanted to make it so that some of this design was similar to the last one. For example the shoulder pad and the tunic. This means I could use both of the designs within the game and use it so that the design changes in the game because of an event or at a certain point.Just like my previous concept I organized all the sketches into a design sheet so that it is easily visible.

In reflection to this, I feel like this is a good start on this design and by having a hood and bandanna it reduces the likeliness of a disproportionate face. On the other hand, by creating an alternate face it helps me to increase this skill and also gives me more choices. My next steps will be to add color to this design in photoshop to bring the character to life and add more detail.





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