Character Design: Explorer

The Explorer in my game will be the main character that the player uses. The reason that I decided that the main character will be an explorer is because it will give a reason or incentive for why he would try to find the Atlantis city, whether it be to prove its existence or collect artifacts.

I started off the design for this character by looking up at explorers in other games and also medieval characters. Specifically thief, Uncharted, and Tomb Raider. From the research gathered I already have lots of inspiration for multiple designs of the character. The clothes will be similar to that of the ‘Thief’ character in terms of the medieval clothing, for example, tunic and high boots. It will then be extremely weathered to show the effect of the exploration. This could have an effect similar to the damage in thew Arkham series where as the player progresses through the game the clothing is damaged.

My next step will be to take this inspiration and start to draw up some characters. I’m still unsure about how I want the characters to appear in my game, if i want them to be realistic and in proportion or if I would like them more animated and abnormal.


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