Prison Simulator: Med Bay Props

With the sketches that I had created showing various different designs for common props that would be seen in the medical bay, I then decided to take these into photoshop and recreate them, smoothing them out and adding color. By doing this it allowed me to see which designs would work better. With all the props I used a variety of shades of gray as this is a very clean yet futuristic looking color that still adds depth to the prop.

In reflection to this, I can definitely see which designs work better however with some of them such as the med pod the choice was already made before color was added just due to the sketch. If I were to go back and design more of these props I may use pareidolia but it may not have a positive effect on my designs as these props have a unique shape that needs to be clearly visible. I will try to use this in the future props that I design to see if it will work.


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