Character Design: Final Robot

With the sketches that I had created, shown in my previous blog post, I then went into photoshop and created variants of this robot using different colors and making them different roles. For the main robot, that being the guard, I went with a dark gray and gold combination as I felt like this went very well with the engravings on the robot and also made the robot appear more old fashioned and centuries old. I then used the process of applying the dodge and burn tool to make the robot look 3d, show where the light is hitting it and to add rust to the metal so that it doesn;t appear new.

After this was done II then took the same design and created a Medical Robot variant as I thought that this would also be a common robot that would be seen. I did this simply by removing the gun and engravings, and instead of adding the well-known cross symbol for a hospital. When it came to texturing I wanted this robot to look very clean, therefore I went with bright colours, a light grey fo the robot itself so that it appeared new and always in good condition, and red colour for the tail and crosses as it stood out against the grey and is a common colour associated with hospitals and medicine.

In reflection to this, I feel like this is the most unique design that I have created as I have not seen anything like it done before. The engravings add that extra bit of detail which completes the robot and represents the correct theme. If I were to go back and do this project again I think I would create even more variants of the robot so that I had an even wider range of characters that could appear in the Atlantis environment.


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