Prison Simulator: Sc-Fi Prison Research

Before advancing anymore with the concepts that I am creating I want to look more at the work created by other people and what they have done to give a prison a sci-fi feel. This way I can draw inspiration from them and improve upon my concepts. As well As this I also looked at how this has been done in movies.

Guardians Of the Galaxy

In the popular movie Guardians Of the Galaxy, there is a scene where all of the characters in the prison. This prison is actually a giant structure within space controlled by the humans and contains lots of different species as the prisoners. This already has a huge similarity to the idea of our prison which is more reason for me to look into how this has been designed. The first thing that I can tell when I look is that the structure actually appears modern rather than futuristic. This is because usually, sci-fi concepts have a white, clean look, whereas this goes for the ‘garage’ look have rusty parts that don’t appear to be maintained by the crew which reflects on the atmosphere of the prison and how little the people that work there care about the inmates. Another thing that I noticed about the design of this prison is that appears to be very compact. Real prisons tend to have different wings with only a couple of floors whereas the main prison scene from this movie shows a small, rounded room that has at least 10 floors of prison cells. This makes me think that the structure of the prison within our game needs to follow this process, which will benefit us since it is a 2D side scroller as it will allow the player to jump onto more platforms to go upwards. Finally, the last influential piece from this prison was actually the guards rather than the prison design. The prison mostly uses humans so that they have the most control, but for more intense situations such as prison riots would be controlled with robot guards. This gives me lots of influence on what our group can do for the bosses of our game, using different species and robots for the bosses, getting harder as the player progresses.

Chronicles of Riddick

Looking at another movie, The Chronicles of Riddick, a lot of the movie is set within a prison built in the underground of an extremely dangerous planet. IN my opinion, this seems to be done so that the prisoners do not try to escape as they will die instantly on the planet’s surface. Typically when you think of a sci-fi prison you think of it being in space, but the idea of it being on a dangerous planet gives me inspiration on what we can do for the surrounding environment. This is something I do need to take into consideration as there will need to be a background environment when there are things such as windows. Even though this is a sci-fi movie the technology seems to be primitive. No immediate indicators that this is futuristic such as lasers, or fancy computer screens. Instead just typical barred cells. This shows a lot about the society of this movie universe as it shows that the prisoners are considered unimportant as money has not gone in to how they live and to making sure that they remain a prisoner. The design is the prison has a similarity to that of guardians of the galaxy as the prison is just a pit dug into the ground with a wrap around staircase leading from the top to the bottom. Of every inch of this put, a hole has been dug into the wall to create a cell, making the prison feel compact and immovable. This feels like it is purposely done to intimidate the prisoners and make them believe that there is no way of escaping.


Halo 2

In the second addition to the halo franchise, there is a particular level where you are storing a covenant base in an attempt to save the planet and destroy the halo ring. Within this level, there is a part where the player passes through what appears to be the prison segment of the base. This simply consists of one large corridor with cells running all the way down it. Just looking at this it is what I expect to see when I hear the phrase Sci-fi Prison. the cells are small and compact so that there can be more cells for more prisoners. The design has lots of curves and a simple design which looks clean and gives it that futuristic feel. However, the main inspiration that I can get from this design is the colour scheme. The main colour of the covenant is purple so this can be seen plastered all other the cells. Finally, instead of bars, the cells have a laser field which is a common technique used to make it appear sci-fi, however, this doesn’t really give me any inspiration as I feel like this is too common of a technique used.





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