Game Adaptation: Robot Pareidolia

Even though I had already created four different designs for the robot I wanted to continue to explore different designs to come up with a unique looking design. I did this by using the parabolic method which gave me unique shapes for the robot that I wouldn’t have thought of without pareidolia.

After this was done I then took two of the characters and developed them further by creating alternate designs. I did this for the bug looking robot and the tank looking robot. I gave them all unique designs that gave a different theme for the game.

My favorite of the designs was the bug-like the robot which had an art deco style engraving on its panels. The robot was one of the unique designs that I came up with and is unlike anything I have previously seen in other games or movies.

To reflect on this I feel like I now need to take this design further in photoshop by making different variants of the robot that gave it a different role. For example, one would be a soldier while another would look like a medical robot.



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