Robot Concept: Design 2

After the first concept was finished I then began to recreate the second design in Photoshop. I decided to use the same color palette with this design as I wanted it to look like armor, especially the head as if it had been made from an old helmet from the armory. To make this more apparent I decided to edit the design by adding the crest which is commonly seen on lots of ancient warrior helmets. In this design, I decided to make it bright blue as I felt like this would be the military color since they are guarding an underwater city. Since the backpack/battery pack will have to be the most armored part of the robot I used a gray color to show that it is made from a stronger metal.

I will also do an alternate design of this which will use different colors to achieve a more modern look while still paying homage to the ancient robots.

When looking back at this design I can see things which I could be improved and some things I am glad I changed such as having the crest rather than the antennas. If I were to redesign this robot I may make it have more detail such as exposed cables and damage that it has acquired from previous battles. Similar to the first design.



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