Character Anatomy and Posture

To prepare for designing multiple characters I started to try to improve my skills at drawing human anatomy and different positions of a person. I did this by looking at different images online that show a good way to start. I practiced multiple different positions and could instantly see an improvement with my drawing. I still have a long way to go before I feel like I can freely draw a person without any reference images.

One of the major improvements that I need to make with this is where joints meet. At the moment the lines that meet at the joint are not correct and need to be more straight as if a new line is cutting between them. This is something that I will have to practice to improve upon.

As well as this I also looked at how to change the position of a head. This is done by changing where the features are on the head rather than the drawing of the head itself. It did this by drawing a line horizontally through the middle of the head and then a vertical line towards one side. The horizontal line would show where the eyes begin, and from there I can work out where the other facial features should be. The vertical line shows the centered position of all the features so that they properly appear in proportion and towards the designated side.


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