Character Research

Overwatch: Tracer

The design of tracer has been created so that it shows off the main attributes of the character and the personality. Since the character is the fastest in the game and is agile the character has been designed so that she is small and skinny. Her animation also shows this as she is light on her feet as it looks as if she glides along putting little weight into her strides. Another aspect of her design is that they have made it so that she has recognizable characteristics that make it so that you can pick her out in a crowd of silhouettes. This is done with her hair. The spikes in her hair are placed specifically as if they have been styled and are an iconic feature of a character. This is done for a lot of video game characters so that they are easy to remember to the player. For example, Mario’s hat or Goku’s hair.

DC Comics: Batman

There have been many different character designs of batman, whether it be from the comics, the animations, or from the movies. Each of these is similar and different at the same time. The design of batman is often created depending on the personality and fighting style of this incarnation. One of my favorite designs of batman was created by Frank Miller. This shows a huge batman that looks mean and dangerous but aged. Due to his shape, it makes him appear more like a brawler and less agile than the usual incarnation of batman. In all of the designs of batman, they have similar cowls which have the iconic bat ears. Some may have short and some may have long ears but they all have them. This is the major iconic feature of the bat suit which can be recognized from a silhouette or even just from drawing two points on a head. Some of the suits design also show the type of person underneath the suit. For example in the finale of the Arkham series, The Arkham Knight, batman dawns a new suit that has advanced metal armor and unique weapons. This shows that the person under the suit is not only well trained but extremely wealthy and smart.

DC Comics: Green Arrow

Another of my favorite designs is also made by Dc Comics and this is of Green Arrow. The original design of green arrow was made to resemble Robin Hood as the attributes of the character were extremely similar as they both use a Bow and Arrows. However, the recent designs of the character have him dawning a green hood which has now become his iconic design. Even tho the character underneath the Green Arrow persona is a millionaire this isn’t shown in the design of the character. Instead, the design shows more of the training that the character underwent before had as his costume looks worn, weathered, ragged, and like it was created in order to blend in and survive. This design has also been done so that the character can be shown as agile as the clothes he wears are not heavy due to them being cloth. The ragged look is also backed up by the long hair and goatee that Green Arrow typically wears. IF the character of Green Arrow appeared as a silhouette he could be hard to pick out and identify his features due to the simplistic design and due to the hood. However, the Goatee and Quiver are his iconic features which on their own automatically resemble this character.

Character branding is a big part of media and is often why they are so successful. An iconic design of a character allows them to be easily noticeable even if they are just shown as a black silhouette. Tracer, which I previously described, has been designed like this as the hair and slim shape can be easily recognized with just an outline. Other iconic characters include Sonic and Mario. Another type of character branding is imitating real life. IN real life our clothes have logos signifying the brand that created them. In video games, this is also done so that the immersion remains of the player. A good example of this is done in the Fallout franchise. The characters which live within the vaults wear a uniform with the number of the vault. As well as this the uniform bears the logo of the makers of the vault, vault tech.


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