Graphic Images on Shop Fronts

Graphic design is a huge part of video games as it imitates real life imagery. For this task, I went out into my local village in search of shops that use graphic design in a good and bad way. The good way is by having a professional expensive shop board that has clearly been digitally created. The bad way is by having hand rendered signs on the shop front windows displaying offers, etc, that have clearly been written on A3 with a marker pen.

The first set of images are examples of professional graphic design. The first may only be men’s barbers but by having a digital shop billboard that shop stands out from the surrounding buildings and looks like better barbers than others around. As for the second image, this is a sign for a shoe repair shop. The shop appears cluttered which may look unprofessional but by having the digital, expensive sign it counters this, making the shop look popular and the best in the area at what it does.

The final image is an example of bad graphic design in the shops. the picture does not show this but the shop does have a digitally rendered sign above the window that makes it look professional. However, in the shop window, a sign saying that a sale is now going on is bad graphic design as this has clearly been hand rendered. Another reason that this is bad graphic design is because of the font.

To imitate real life, this is recreated in video games so that it shows the personality of the shop owner as well as the cost of the shop. The best example of a video game that does this is Grand Theft Auto. The first picture from this game shows a supermarket which replicates what this kind of shop looks like in real life perfectly. This is done by having a simple sign displaying the name of the store, plastered across the entire buildings as well as digitally rendered posters showing the current sales within the shop. The second example shows bad graphic design. Even though all of the signs in the shops look as if they have been designed in the computer, there is too much variety that clutters the entire shop window. This is definitely something that is seen all the time in real life and shows what types of products the shop has to sell.

Reflecting on this I feel like it is certainly something that I will have to consider in the future when designing shops as the graphic imagery needs to be influenced by real life, and the style of the building, as well as what the shop sells.



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