Semiotics: Game Cover Anaylsis


Denotation: Signifier
The front cover of this game shows a man Covered in red patches, wielding weapons while looking out into the background. The clothes he is wearing are black with red patches. The background that he is staring off into a white background.

Connotation: Signified
The red patches on his clothes suggest that he has been in battle as it represents blood either from him or his enemies. This is then backed up by the fact that he is using weapons. The black mist that lingers on the character suggests a dark magic which helps explain what the game is about.This can then by connected to the fact that the character is facing away so that his face can not be seen, suggesting that he is the source of the evil and not actually the good character within this story.


Denotation: Signifier
A skeleton like character wielding a sword stands in a heroic pose on a path leading to a blacked out castle. Grass surrounds the path as well as trees. The background shows a night time setting.

Connotation: Signified
The character on the cover appears to be looking out into the distance which can suggest that an enemy is approaching as he is stood ready for battle with his sword in hand. The blacked out castle can suggest a story element of the game as it is not fully visible to the player. This suggest that it could be seen towards the end of the game






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