Environment Props and Objects

For this task, I needed to come up with objects that would be in the interior and exterior of my environments. I did this by creating a list of common items that would be associated with these players or left there by other people. Once the list was compiled I then choose a couple of items from the list and began to design them.

Firstly I started with the beer jug and created a variety of unique designs that were recognizable as a form of liquid holder. I did this by making it so that the designs were rounded at the top to show that they were hollow. I used contour lines to do this as well.

After this, I then moved on to the broom as this is another common object which would be seen in a tavern. These designs all looked fairly similar, each having a stick and a brush on the hand. However, I changed the shape of the stick, adding extra handles on different designs, and also changed the type of brush on the end.

I then decided to develop one of the objects from the Aztec exterior and decided to do a dead fish. This is a prop as the fish is dead and the player can interact with it. Because this is a creature I wanted a unique design, therefore, I used paradolia. After creating a couple of designs I could see a few which could be further developed.


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