Prison Sketches

After the research was complete I started to look at images of prisons and sketch up some rough ideas of what we could include in our prison. The first image I created will be the most recognizable and repeated part of the environment which is the cell bars. These will be fairly simple either being straight or crossed bars with a door in the middle. I then created another door which would be for the more extreme inmates. This was a solid door that had a small latch that could be opened and closed to view the prisoner inside. The inspiration for this was gained from suicide squad as every member of the team is like behind one of these doors. Finally, I created a rough Idea for one of the major rooms. IT consists of two floors which were filled with cells. The second-floor cells are pushed back making a large walkway in front as well as a railing. Finally, I also made it so that the room had a large space in the middle which could be used for tables or a social zone.



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