Prison Research

Since the game we have been tasked with making is going to be a prison simulator I decided to do some research into what prisons look like and what life is like within them.

I started by looking at TV shows that are based are prisons. This included Orange Is The New Black, and Prison Break. In terms of design, it was clear to see that the building is very simple mainly having corridors and repeated rooms as the cells. IN terms of texturing the colours seen are very dull mainly being grey but they also use bright colours to show specific areas of the prison. This would be a stripe the follow the corridor to the destination. The could be a good design to adapt into our video game as it would make it clearly visible to the player about the different locations. The television shows also showed the different social groups in prison and what the overall atmosphere is like. The groups within the prison are split up into where the person is from and is extremely old fashioned as the race would also be a cause for the groups. The people in the groups seem to get along well with each other however are very hostile to the other group and even have rival groups. This could be a good adaptation where the player has to join one of the groups and then disrupt the work that the other group does.

Finally, illegal things still happen in these television shows such as drugs being smuggled and people being stabbed. This could be missions that the player receives where they have to find the hidden drugs and even attack a member of another group.


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