Game Adaptation Concept: Interior

For the interior concept I wanted it be part of a different environment that would feature at the beginning of the game. Therefore I decided that it would be a tavern in a medieval style so that the time set is immediately shown.

The same as before I first created the model in SketchUp. However because the concept art would be showing the interior I simple made a box as the exterior didn’t require any detail. Using props such as chairs, tables, and bottles to show that it was a tavern and other props that I imported from the 3D warehouse such as the bar and torches.

Once the model was complete I then positioned the camera too capture the main elements. I used a lot of oranges and browns when texturing so that most of the building appeared to be made from wood as a higher standard of building wouldn’t have been around then. Once done to show age on the walls and where the light was coming from I again used the burn and doge tool. This gave the building depth and added simple detail.




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