Pareidolia Burger Shack

For this task, I used pareidolia to try and come up with unique designs for the exterior of a burger shack. I did roughly five before I found one that I really like and wanted to develop further.

The first thing I did with this image was recreated it in SketchUp so that I had a 3D model which I could screenshot and gain the correct perspective. This also allowed me to add little details such as generators, cookers, and propane tanks. Once I had taken a screenshot I then brought it into photoshop where I started to add color. The color brought the image to life as it portrayed what each surface was and what it was made out of. For example, the roof was a gray, silver color which showed that it was made out of metal.

I then used the burn and dodge tool which we previously learned about to give depth to the model and made it looked aged rather than new and only just placed there. As well as this it also showed where the light was hitting the building and allowed me to create a ray of light that didn’t look out of place that came from the spotlights behind the building. I then simply added a simple background that showed the time of day and what the setting was like without drawing the viewers attention away from the burger shack.


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