Game Mechanics: Ownership

The Ownership mechanic is something that causes the player to create an emotional bond to and that player will never t want to lose it. This can be all different things such as equipment or characters.

The first example of his mechanic being used is in most mmo/ rpgs. When a player receives a piece of armour or a weapon that they like the design with they will try to keep it no matter what. Even if they receive a new piece of equipment that has better stats they will not replace it unless it looks like the piece they already own.

Games such as fallout use the emotion conveyed by the characters to create the sense of ownership. For example one of the companions in the game is a dog. Since the dog is a common pet the players will feel a sense of ownership to the dog as they can relate to the scenario and won’t want to switch companions.

If I were to use this mechanic it could be in any type of game but it would work best in role playing games.  His is because the ownership comes from the design meaning that it is unique and not like other designs out there adding to the popularity of the game.


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