Game Brief: World Creator Game

This Idea is what we settles upon for the 10-14 genre. The game is basically a world creator where the player has to collect resources and built their own world. They level up by collecting these resources and using them to make buildings.

This is already using a couple of the key mechanics that I have research such as progression and reward system. It also uses the discover mechanic as by allowing the player to unlock new construction blocks it allows them to explore more of the world and head down to its core.

For this game I wanted to create a few concepts of what it could possibly look like. Therefore I decided to do this and created three of them. One shows what the world could look like after the player has progressed and starting building their own civilization, the others shown both sides of the world and what it could look like when they first start the game. I wanted to include a day and night feature which would allow for more mechanic to come into play such as timer or events. The way I showed this in the concept is by having the sun or moon in the background of the world, large and only half of it is visible. Obviously the textures and lighting would indicate the time and this also gives more depth to the environment as it has layers of textures.

i feel like this is a good start point for the game and can be used to work our way up from as a group, creating more concepts of what the HUD could look like and even add the possibility of quests into the game.


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