Creative Futures Mini Brief: Adaptation

In this mini brief the aim was to come p with a concept for a video game based on existing media. this media could be films, TV shows or even books.  To start this I first looked up many different novels that have been recreated into a film or TV show.

My first Idea is adapted from the books and film franchise Lord Of The Rings He game would be set in a sci-fi/futuristic environment. The main part of this franchise which will be adapted is the focus of the story however it will obviously be made so that It fits in with the theme of the game. The new story or backstory of the game is that a piece of technology has been invented that gives the person that wields it unlimited power and drives them into madness. This is obviously adapted from the Ring that exists within the LOTR franchise. Too make this Idea more unique I then decided to add in another piece of media so that it is more unclear about what it has been adapted from. This adaptation applies to the characters, either the playable character or the villain of the game. The adaptation is that the only information known is the players name and that they are very known throughout the world. This is adapted from the main character and the focus of the novel/film The Great Gatsby.

The second Idea is adapted from a Classic animation movie Atlantis. The game is set in a middle ages world where they discover a map that leads to an ancient Aztec city. This city is located underwater, obviously the part which is adapted from the film. Another adaptation which I added to this game is that the treasure map is a legend that is known throughout the land and when it is discovered it causes an ancient evil to return which wants to rule the city. This adaptation is taken from the Harry Potter books as when Harry begins to become a wizard Voldemort returns.

The final idea is adapted from the Narnia books. The player starts off in a normal modern day world and has just moved into a new house. The player explore and finds a cupboard under the stairs that leads to another world. This world is completely different from the modern day world as it has a steampunk theme .


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