Video Editing and Brief

Over the first few weeks of university we learnt about the basics of filming and editing. This included how to work the camera. What I mean by this is making sure that we are using the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is where the screen is split into nine sections. By aligning the actor along one of the lines it makes them the focus of the images without looking out of place and also makes the background visible to the viewer.

We then took the footage that we had filmed into premiere pro ready for filming. We matched the video up to music which we imported to set a slow pace on the video. We did this by making cuts whenever the music peaked the most. This made the cuts and sudden scene changes look normal and not out of place.

After we had learnt all the basics we were given the brief to last this first semester. For this brief we had to come up with an idea for a short 3-5 minute film. We have to come up with the idea completely on our own and create them individually. My next task while be to come up with simple idea for this brief and then develop it into the shots required and how long these shots will last.


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