Games Brief: Idea Generation and Target Audience

For this task we were separated into groups and given three different categories.The different categories were 10-14, 12+ females, and 35+. Firstly we each started idea generation by creating spider diagrams of different game genres and things related to them. We each tried to comer up with 20 idea for each category.

Some of my ideas included a game where the player creates a world and has to improve it by collecting resources and materials. Another idea was an animal simulator where the player is first person as the actual animal and has to survive completing everyday tasks as that animal.

One of the group ideas that we had was a brand tie in with the TV show Spongebob. The aim of the game is to create your own version of the krabby patty, designing your own interior. You then have to actually run the story, progress through the levels and unlock more equipment and recipes for your store.


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