Game Mechanics: Free Lunch

This mechanic is where players are given rewards for doing little to nothing in a game. This is good for keeping new players of the game playing as they will be happy with the reward and continue playing with the hope of gaining more rewards. This mechanic is shown through item rewards, achievements, and even discounts for micro transactions.

MMO’s such as World of Warcraft are great examples of games that use these mechanics. For example, when a new player is starting out they can get a referral link off of their friend. This will give them an experience boost when playing with their friends. Therefore they can easily level up while putting in minimal effort.

Another good example of this mechanic in use is in the Arkham game series. If they simply pre-order the game they will receive many in-game bonuses. All the player has to do is load up the game and they will receive these rewards as well as an achievement. The rewards include different skins that the player can equip for batman. However, they do have a mechanic that works alongside this to keep the players playing after they receive these rewards. This is by making it so that the skins can only be equipped after they have completely the main story.



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