Perspective Drawing: City

Continuing with the experimenting of the horizon line perspective drawing I wanted to try to create the skyline of a city. I did using using simple shapes such as cubes and triangles to make a simple skyscraper. I clustered the buildings together so that it would look busy and have resemblance too a major city.

Once done I then took a photo of this and then began working in Photoshop. Firstly i recreated the lines using the brush tool and then added the base colour for the buildings, this being a light grey. Next i decided to add more detail to the buildings that make it obvious that these are skyscrapers. The first thing being windows. Since these are skyscrapers the actual windows wouldn’t be visible so I decided to just draw small lines.

After this was all done I added lighting to the buildings using a tool I learnt at University which is the burn and dodge tool. This showed how the light effected the building and also gave the city age so that it did not look clean and new. Once done I wanted to add finishing touches so that it was clearly a city and so that it was in an environment. I added roads and made it a small island on the sea. Again using the burn and dodge tools to make it more organic.



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