History Of Peripherals Infographic

Now that all my research is finished and I have looked at the different infographics that have been created I decided to create my own infographic about the peripherals and how they are used in gaming. I wanted to make this as simple as possible so that the information is clear to the viewer.

Firstly I created an A3 decided on the colour scheme that I wanted to use. Again keeping it simple I choose a background colour, a title colour, and a font colour. Next I evenly separated the page into four columns, each for the peripheral. I Found four basic pictures of the peripherals on Google Images which i edited so that it was obvious what each one was and so that they were all black.

Once all the information was wrote I then wanted at the bottom of the page information about how each of them effects gaming. I separated these using arrows which pointed downwards to the information. once this was done that was the whole infographic finished, clean and simple. I kept it simple using no effects in Photoshop or clever filters.


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