For this task we had to practise using Paradolia. What this means is to create unique objects without inspiration from previous knowledge. We were given a list of different objects of which we had to choose one of them.

I decided to choose ‘laser pistols’ which meant I had to draw 20 ‘squiggles’ that each had unique shapes but could still be turned into weapons. I did this by making sure each design had a part of it that could act as a handle. The unique curves provided shapes that would appear to be science fictional or alien. I used a highlighter to create the patterns for the weapons as when drawing it would create thin and thick lines.

The below image shows all 20 of the patterns that I created each looking different from the other.  From these patterns I can they take the ones which I feel worked the best and create alternate designs of them and even take them into Photoshop to create the final weapons.




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