Perspective Sketching Improvement

For this task I carried on experimenting with the contour lines and horizon line so that it would help me improve my 3D understanding of objects and the design process that artists use to create the monsters we see in game.

Firstly I repeated the process of drawing random shapes and adding contour lines to make them look 3D and give them shape. After this was done I then started to develop the shapes further creating different kinds of objects. For example some of the objects became oddly shaped spaceships and one of them even became a helicopter. I even had a few which allowed me to create unique monsters. I wouldn’t have been able to create any of these objects if I had tried to create without the shapes as i would have taken inspiration from video games and films and created objects similar to ones that I have already seen.

One this was done I then decided to carry on experimenting with the vanishing points but this time using cut outs and drawing shapes in close quarters of each other. By creating a cube and then placing a cylinder inside of it, it allowed me to cut the cylinder shape of the cube leaving a gap within it. I placed lots of different shapes in perspective however all of different sizes. The shapes created an environment which could be expanded on for a video game.


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