Game Mechanics: Progression

The progression mechanic is commonly used in rpg video games however is also known for being in first person shooters. The progression mechanic is something that allow players to make progress within the story or to gain rewards.

the first example of this is Star Wars: The Old Republic. the players have an experience bar which allows them to level them up making the players character improve in their abilities. It also allows them to access new areas and new equipment. It also has a legacy bar which levels up the players account rather than the character. What this means is that as they complete stories on different characters they gain legacy levels giving unique items too the player spread out across all of the characters.

Another game that uses this mechanic in a similar way is Call Of Duty. Just like in SWTOR the players gain levels by progressing on an experience bar. As the players level up they unlock better weapons that are more effective in killing than the previous weapons. When the player reaches the highest level they can prestige which means that their level is reset but this time with a new badge. The players then progress again through the levels.

If i was to use this mechanic in a game I feel like it would work best in a Role playing game.This is because the players could level up their characters and when doing so unlock new missions and new areas to explore. This mechanic is good as it constantly adds more game play and new visuals for the players.


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