Game Mechanics: Collaboration

Collaboration is a very popular game mechanic that is used to make players work together to complete a task. This is used in all types of games such as rpgs, puzzle game, shooters, strategy.

Portal 2 is one of the best examples that uses this mechanic as it has a cooperative game mode. In this mode the only way that the players can complete the levels are by working together. For example one player would have to stand on a button which opens a door for the other to player to walk through.

Another food example is World of Warcraft.This game is always online meaning the collaboration mechanic is always in play as players can complete quests together or just socialize with each other. However it also uses the mechanic more specifically when events are taking place. Monsters spawn in certain locations that have an extremely high amount of high and the player will not be able to kill it on their own. Therefore to kill it they must work with other players of different classes such as healer, tank, and dps to ill the monster without dying.

If I was to use this mechanic in a game of my own I would use it as events like in gta. By working with other people it would allow you to play new missions that you couldn’t play on your own to earn in game rewards.


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