Mechanics Adaptation

The aim of this task was to use the mechanics of already existing games and put them all together into a new game. We split into two groups and each picked a board game. The board games in my group included Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Jenga, Domino’s, and finally Sticks.

We started off by choosing which board we would use and why we would use it, we decided that the chess board would work best since it had a large number of spaces that the players could move around from. We then decided to use the player pieces from the monopoly game as they looked the best. In doing this we limited the player number to four players. Next we tried to think of a way that we could implement the jenga tower and we did this by making it so that players can only have ago by picking out a block. The players take each other out by jumping over diagonally like in checkers. We kept the game as simple as possible as we only had an hour to create it.

Once done we swapped with the other group and tested each others group. We had to learn the game using only the rule book provided. On the other groups game we had to roll a ball down through a maze and whatever hole it landed in would determine the scenario that would play out. This game offered a lot of imagination to the players and could create a long interesting story.

We felt like there was a couple of ways that the game could be improved and this was by giving the player more input. After the player rolled and played through his scenario it became more of a script and the player had no input on the decisions that were being made. Other than this we thought the game was well created in the hour that was given.



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