Environment Extrapolation

Environment Extrapolation is where real world events and scenarios influence visuals in video games and movies. This is something that is extremely common and happens a lot specially within things that set in a dystopian, future environment. ‘Ship-breaking’ is a real world term given to the name of people that scavenge abandoned ships for scrap metal and pieces that they can sell to make a living.

The video game ‘Mad Max’ is set in a post apocalyptic dystopian world where the sea has all dried up and everywhere is a waste land. Even though this game is based off of a movie franchise it still takes inspiration from real world events. Since the world have dried up there is no need for water vehicles, therefore giant submarines can be seen that have aged over the years and starting falling apart are buried into the sand with only key features being visible. Evidence of the inspiration from ship breaking can be seen as parts of the ships are scattered about. For example the propellers of the submarines can be seen scattered far away as well as parts from the engines and cabins.

Another good example of when this has been done is in the newest Star Wars movie, Episode 7. The opening scene shows a planet covered in sand and a giant spaceship in the background. The main character then proceeds to enter this ship looking for valuables that she can sell. Even though it is a science fiction spaceship it still resembles real life photos that show abandoned ship on land that are gigantic. Even the design of the character has been influenced by the people that raid these ships as they both wear cloth to protect their face and goggles over the eyes.


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