Alien/Monster’s Extrapolation

Similarly to my previous post this is about taking real world items and using them for influence to create new environments, objects, etc. In this case it is about using real animals to create monster’s and alien’s that are seen in horror movies and video games.

A good example of a franchise that has done this is ‘Alien’ the monster has a human like figure but with a long tail and blade on the end. The is clearly inspired by a scorpion as the tail bends back over the head the same way and acts as its main weapon, just like the scorpion. As I have already mentioned the Alien has a human like figure However I don’t think that it was designed like because of inspiration but so that it could be worn by a person.

Another good example of a game that does this is ‘Shadow of the Colossus’. The bosses in this game take a lot of inspiration for their design from real animals. One in particular is based upon a bull in terms of its shape. It also has the key features of the bull being the horns. However it is made of stone, just like the other bosses in the game so that it fits in with the theme. Another way in which it is extrapolated from real animals is the feet on this guardian. The feet have long thing toes with blades with a resemblance to birds.



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