Peripheral Infographic

With all the research that I have gathered on the main peripherals that are used for gaming I have decided to create an ‘infographic’ poster that shows these peripherals as well as a brief description and how they benefit gaming.

After doing some research on google about the appearance of infographic’s and the type of research that they present it is clear that there are lots of complicated, more detailed graphics, and some very simple graphics. The one thing that all of them have in common is that they show a lot of pictures to back up the information that they are showing. Some infographic’s are tutorials and show steps using arrows, others have titles numbering the steps. For genera information graphics I have noticed that the information seems to be spread out and have no order to it. A simple infographic caught my eye that shows columns for the different information. This may be simple but it delivers specific details while also having informational pictures and diagrams.

Another key bit of information that i gathered is the colour scheme on the graphics. only a select amount of colours are used so that the viewer is able to see the information presented. A different colour could be used for the different categories. Other posters only use different colours for the titles and the images. Themes can also be seen in the posters as the images used are all presented in the same way. For example the diagram could be cartoon like or use realistic drawing

Based on the research that I have gathered I feel that the best way to present my information would by having columns that show all four of the peripherals that i have researched. These columns would show an image and information about the peripheral and how it effects gaming. These four columns then point to one image of a controller, representing games. The columns will be assigned a colour so that each of them stand out from each other. The images will all be the same style and simple showing basic outlines of the peripheral.


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